Our OSB Pork

Our next batch of prime OSB pork is available in March 2023

Pork is available 3-4 times a year and can be purchased in 5, 10, 15 and 20kg selection boxes starting at £40. Or we can do meat to your exact requirement based on cuts and size. If you thinking of having a hog roast we can accommodate that too. Our pigs are free-range and fed on a mixed diet of pig nuts, fresh vegetables, and anything they can snuffle from the ground. This means they grow slower and develop a superior flavour. We also sell a mix of dry-cured gammon and bacon, with a smoked offering if desired. We sell a variety of sausages too in 6’s (450-500g) Traditional Pork, Lincolnshire, Pork & Apple, Red Onion and Sage and Garlic and Chilli.

Selection Boxes

Selection Box SizeWeightDescriptionCost
Small5Kgselection of Roasting joint, chops, steaks, strips and sausages£45
Medium10Kgselection ofRoasting joints, Belly Strips, chops, steaks, strips and sausages£85
Large15kgselection ofRoasting joints, Belly Strips, chops, steaks, strips and sausages£125


CutSold inApprox PricePrice per Kg
Loin Chopspacks of two£8.50£12.00
Roasting Joint - Leg (on bone)Per KgCut to size£13.50
Roasting Joint - Leg (Boned and Rolled)Per KgCut to size£12.50
Roasting Joint - Shoulder (on bone)Per KgCut to size£11.00
Roasting Joint - Shoulder (Boned and Rolled)Per KgCut to size£10.00
Roasting Joint - BellyPer KgCut to size£6.00


TypeNumber in packApprox Cost/packPrice by Kg
Sage & Red Onion6£4.109.00
Black Pepper & Sage6£4.109.00
Garlic & Chill6£4.109.00

Bacon & Gammons

Cut per PackApprox Cost/PackPrice per Kg
Back Bacon
8 Slices£5.20£13.00
Smoked Back Bacon8 Slices£5.60£14.00
Streaky Bacon10 Slices£3.20£7.00
Smoked Streaky Bacon10Slices£3.50£8.00
Gammon Steaks2 Steaks£7.50£15.00
Smoked Gammon Steaks2 Steaks£8.00£16.00
Gammon Jointsper Kg Joint
Cut to size£14.00
Smoked Gammon Jointsper Kg JointCut to Size£15.00

Whole. Half and Hog Roasts

OptionPrice per KgEstimate
Estimated Price
Whole Pig £7.5060kg£450
Whole Pig - Butchered
(no sausages/bacon)
Half Pig£7.6030kg£228
Half Pig - Butchered£8.1030kg£243
Hog Roast£9.0040Kg£360