The Snow Hath Melteth

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The Snow Hath Melteth

I am happy to say the snow has gone, thankfully. Whilst snow make the landscape glisten, and is fun, that novelty quickly disappears. Whilst living in the Bexleyheath with a few chooks in the back garden the snow didn’t really cause much of a problem. However now in Lincolnshire with a 3 acre small holding that picture changes, and your soon praying for sun or rain to take the blooming stuff away. From frozen drinkers and ponds to lack of feed for the sheep snow just gets in the way.We’re in mid February now and I’m hoping we have seen the last of it this side of winter , but I wont hold my breath.

So what happening, well first are foremost we are just 4 weeks from lambing and kidding. Having used raddle marker and only have the one Ewe to breed this year I know due date is 15th March (with a few days either way). The goats on the other hand are  a little less precise but im expecting the goats to kid with Star on 9/3 and Willow 25/3.  I have watching (for the 3rd time) Program 3 (of 4) from the smallholder series “Sheep on your Smallholding – The Breeding Flock” I have all my essential lambing equipment ready. As you can see from the pic below, I’ve buckets, latex gloves, bottles, syringes, lambing rope, Iodine, surgical scrubs, colostrum, colostrum tube/feeder, castration rings and pliers. They have also been vaccinated and Ive wormer and the ready too.


The sheep (all two of them) have been brought into the barn now until she lambs. She is not on here own, she has Nigella our cade lamb for 2012 with here.

Poultry hatches are going well, all but a couple of breeds are in lay and producing fertile eggs, once the numbers ramp up we will have hatching eggs available, so if you’re interest in any of our breeds drop me a line 🙂  .We also have 30 Hubbard chicks I ordered from Cyril Bason, they are now 3 weeks old, they are growing fast and will soon be off heat and outside to a free range system 🙂


On Friday we are taking delivery of 4 Oxford Sandy and Blacks weaners from Alder Lodge Farm  this is the last of the rare breeds we want to try before selecting a breed to keep to raise our own. At the moment the front runner is the large black which knocked the Gloucester old spot of the pole position. We’re looking forward to rearing pigs again, its been 3 month since our last went off to the abattoir.

There is plenty more I could bore you with, but ill save that for a rainy day. Watch out for news on twitter for lambing/kidding progress. In the mean time I wish you all well.




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More new life on the farm today, single (very large for pedigree Hebridean) ram lamb.

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Authentic Pedigree Hebridean Hogget (Lamb)

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Hoping this short video of the ewes and lambs brings a smile given what's going on.

1 year ago
Photos from Slate House Farm's post

Productive night lambing. Single pedigree Hebridean ram lamb last night, and twin pedigree Hebridean ram lambs at sunrise. All doing well. 6 down 10 to go :)

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