The log Fire has be Lit

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The log Fire has be Lit

I am beginning to think we’re skipping Autumn and heading straight to winter this year, I have never known September to be quite so cold. A couple of evenings this past week we have lit a log fire in the front room. This has certainly had an impact on a lot of the veg, my sweetcorn is very poor in size, quality and taste, so I’m drying them out for the chooks.

So, my knee is on the mend, not as quick as I would of hoped for, without my wife and children I would be so behind with chors etc. The smallholding is looking great and full of wildlife. On the beck opposite the house there are over 100 ducks which nest on the banks at night, up the road scores of partridge nestle in the hedgerows and as dusk hits the air if filled with the squarks of pheasants heading to roost in the trees around the house and boundaries. Although with “Game” season imminent I’m sure that will change.


The chooks are still laying well, especially the Light Sussex and Ixworth, the egg quality is there too as is fertility :). Since my last blog we have acquired a breeding quintet of Lincolnshire Buff chickens, they have only just came into lay, so eggs a few and far between and very small 🙂 The Turkeys are growing a fair old rate, they should reach a good size for Christmas. Im particularly impressed with the Norfolk Blacks, such eloquent yet ugly birds.

Lincolnshire Buff Hen

Lincolnshire Buff Hen


We have a visitor on the small holding, Eric, a 4 year old Hebridean ram from a fellow LSSSC member. He is running with our Texal mule ewe. Off spring will be interesting. Our British Toggenburg Nanny, also has a date in a few weeks time, she has a Billy coming to stay with her 🙂 .


Its all quiet on the pig front really, our two Large Black sows weaners are doing great, but still have a month or so to go before they’ll be ready for the abbatoir.


We missed the Damson/Sloe harvest this year so plans for Damson gin went out of the window. Keen to give this winter warmer a go I hatched a new brew… Blueberry Gin 🙂 In a five gallon demijohn I have place 1kg of Blueberries, 800g Sugar and 3 litres of Gin. Ive been shaking it once a day, and will continue to do so until 30 days have passed, then ill shake once a month until it ready, just in time for Christmas


The nights a really drawing in, will all the animals locked up for bed by 6.45 tonight, can’t get a huge amount done outside after work now and even less so soon. The clocks go back in 3 weeks! Still I’m sure it wont be long before the shortest day hits us and the days start to draw out again. One bonus of the longer evenings is you get time to catchup on all the admin stuff, makes plans for next year and take a breather from it all. Its hard to belive it almost a year since we got here… Tempus Fuguit!!











October 3, 2012at 6:29 am

Brill post wishing you well in the comming year


October 8, 2012at 4:17 pm

Lovely to read your updates!!!

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