One went pop… the other went Bang… 4 little sausages sizzling in a pan..

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One went pop… the other went Bang… 4 little sausages sizzling in a pan..

Well its been another great week here at Slate House Farm, we’ve our first sausages, a new additional to the farm, seedlings making an appearance and some cheeky dogs who have made my bad books.

The week started by taking the Kune Kune pigs to the abattoir. Thanks to the kindness of a fellow member of the lincolnshire Smallholders and Self Sufficiency club (lsssc) I was able to loan a trailer to get the pigs there. It was a strange  the short drive to the abattoir, one of anxiety and guilt. The staff at the slaughter house were professional, friendly and efficient in helping me unload the live stock into one of their hold pens. It was a relief to see they would be handled and dealt with care and respect. Its wasn’t long, after signing the paper work that I was back in the car heading home. There is one this that ill never forget about that morning,  the clean yet strange smell that lingers in an abattoir….

The Light sussex chickens are coming up for 7 weeks old now. I took the last of there heat away this week. That may sound a little harsh given the time of year, but they are still kept in the barn away from any draft or damp. Had this not been an option they would still be on heat. You can see from the picture on the left, they are now miniature versions of their soon to be adult selves.

On the veg front, there is plenty of life in the poly tunnel from the Carrot and Chard, whilst the orchard is looking good and the new trees are finding their roots (excuse the pun). Kathleen had been preparing a couple of beds for some salad potato’s as you can see from the picture the heavy moist soil is a little hard to work with. The grass is clear, but the soil needs to drain a little so we can turn it over.  The cayuga ducks took a liking to my wife’s hard work, pecking around her feet for worms and bugs. I think they also has the odd peck  at here trousers lol.

We have a new member to our poultry flock too, I have been wanting to breed the Legbars for a while, and thanks again to the kindness of another member of the lsssc we have a rather handsome 4 year old cockerel to start breeding with. His quite a size and as you see from his picture hold an air of elegance :). We’ve yet to name him, most of my breeding cockerels have names.. Martin, Captain Wattle, YY (Wyandotte), Sam and Scotty (Scots Dumpy). Any suggestions?

In other news, the little chap to the right and his sister have been running me ragged all week, from eating a nesting box full of eggs to chewing a rather large hole in my poly tunnel. I need to do some research on how best to fix the tunnel, but how can you stay cross with this little chap 🙂 . I also spotted this after noon that the gates on the pig pens are not correctly fitted, ideally the hinges should be fitted in opposite directions to stop the pigs getting their snouts under the gate and lifting them off their hinges. Thats another job on the must do asap list 🙂

Finally, the Kune Kunes we’re made into sausages and I was able to collect these on Friday afternoon. I was unsure what to expect volume wise, given the size difference between Kune Kune’s and other breeds like the old spots. I was quite shocked to be honest, I returned home with a massive 215lbs of sausages, at 6 to the lb thats 1300 or so sausages. I had order from friends and family for 40lbs so our 2nd chest freezer is fit to burst with Lincolnshire and Farm house sausages. I must say, and I know I’m going to be bias, but they are blooming lovely. I have spent this evening boxing and labelling the sausage orders due to be collected by courier tomorrow for delivery on Tuesday. After some hiccups to start with,  all are ready in the fridge for collection by the courier.

Hopefully next blog I will have news of out Embden Goose hatch, plans on some Guernsey goats and numerous other events no doubt. Until next time cheerio.


Christopher Chaplin

January 29, 2012at 11:39 pm

Wonderful blog. I am deeply envious of your lifestyle. It is something I would love to try myself one day, finances permitting. Please keep up the good work. Your blog really brightens my day.

All the best,



    January 30, 2012at 7:46 am


    Many thanks for your kind comments. Its been hard work getting here in many ways, but well worth it. Finance is tight but we’re surviving 🙂

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