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Oink Oink …Oink Oink…

My apologies for the blog silence these past 6-7weeks, its been all go go go go here at slatehouse farm. There’s loads to update you on from Guinea Fowl to Cade Lambs 🙂

Six weeks ago this coming Monday I took delivery a two day old lambs from a local farmer, one was a triplet and the other a twin from a mother who rejected her.  They were so tiny when we got them and very demanding. Bottle feeding around the clock (every 4 hours) for the first week or so was very tiring, it brought back memories of our first born :). 6 weeks on they down to 2/3 feeds a day (hope to be down to 2 next week) and they eating creep and hay. It has been hard work but very rewarding. Here’s a picture of Delia (right) and Nigella(left);

Pigs next, the Gloucester old spots are ready for the freezer, they’ll be going off in the next week or so. looking forward to some bacon and roasting joints. We have added to our collection, 2 Large Black sows from south yeo farm east in Devon, they are 9 weeks old, friendly and funny girls. They take great pleasure in winding my dogs up 🙂

The fattening lambs I got from @B_R_I_L are also ready for the freezer. we are however debating on whether we keep the 2 ewe’s and breed them this autumn and just send of the wethers, or do we wait and breed from Nigella and Delia in 2013.  We’re still undecided, but thanks to the wonderful Gillian and Ian at South Yeo Farm East (Devon) I’ve had a another years hands on experience lambing at there farm earlier this month.  I’ll let you know what we decide on the next update 🙂

Lets turn to poultry, hatching has been going well, with the first of this years birds being sold to a couple of friends on twitter at the end of last month. We have the first of our Lavender Pekin eggs hatch, 3 strong little chicks from 4 eggs, so very pleased.  We have also added to the poultry breed list in the form of a quintet of Lavender Pearled Guinea Fowl. Guinea are great to watch, they great characters will follow you everywhere, but the moment you go towards them they toddle off in the other direction. They are rather vocal but are great at letting us know if there’s a problem outside.

Im running a poultry dispatch and dress course on May 12th, so ill be busy planning that this coming week, im excited to be doing it by nervous all the same. Im sure it will be great on they day <eek>.

I need to get off and feed the pigs so ill save some more news for the next update. Thanks for coming back and reading. All the Best



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May 8, 2012at 10:28 pm

Wonderful update, thanks!
We bought half a lamb from Gillian last year and it really was the best ever…. I think she’s got another lil’un with our name on it!

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