Authentic Pedigree Hebridean Hogget (Lamb)

Authentic Pedigree Hebridean Hogget (Lamb)

Hogget applies to animals that are a year older than conventional lamb. This extra time allows for unhurried growth through pasture grazing.

Details on the Authentic Hebridean Hogget scheme can be found here, or you can contact the society for validation of this.

I am selling whole hogget boxes at £10/kg based on the animals pre butchered carcass weight. Weights vary from 12-16kg, so a 13.5kg carcass will cost you £135.

A typical whole hogget box will contain,

1 whole leg
1 leg in two joints
1 whole shoulder
1 Shoulder in two joints
2 small Rump Joints
1 rack
Selection of chops
2 rolled breast joints,
Liver, Kidney’s and heart (if you don’t want these please let me know)

Uk mainland overnight courier deliveries are available at an extra £18 per box.

All collections from the farm will be handled in line with current Covid-19 social distancing etc, and thus we prefer no cash payments.

We are registered with Boston Council as a food business and have a 5 rating, see more info here
07590 381188

Page Updated 19th June 2020

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9 months ago

Lambing shed already for non Pedigree ewes coming home tomorrow. Just 3weeks till lambing

9 months ago

Our first goos egg of the season, in previous years the earliest they have laid has been January 25th, this little nugget of gold was laid yesterday :)

10 months ago
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