Goosey Goosey Gander….

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Goosey Goosey Gander….

Chocolate Orpington Bantam

Its been a another fab week here at Slate House farm, we’ve news of some imminent arrivals and updates on our hatching plans :). Monday saw our first sausages delivery make their way to friends and family, from Rhifwar to Southend On Sea. The feedback on has been fantastic they’re a hit, we people ordering more 🙂


We’ve been making plans for lambs, and considered raising some bottled fed lambs from commerical farmers, but after consideration and discussion we are opting for a some established lambs from last years breeding to finish off for the table. A breeder who saw my interest on twitter reached out to me and we’re now organising for a couple with 2-3 months to go and a couple more with 5-6 months. This should give us plenty of stock in the freezer to see us through the winter and into 2013. Watch this space ill have more details in my next blog 🙂

On the hatching front this weeks hatches seem to all be in three’s.  Our Embden goslings have hatched, sadly only 3 from the viable 6. Here’s a picture of them taken this afternoon. With Embden Geese you can sex them at a day old based on their colour. Despite being completely white when adult, and the only way to tell the sexes apart is size ( the male being bigger). When born/hatched, females are a lot lighter in colour, as you can see from the photo; the female is in the middle, a male to the right, and another to the left. In more hatching news we have 3 Chocolate Oprington Bantam, 3 Pekin and 3 Hybrid chicks which also hatched this week. The Chocolate orpingtons were the first eggs from our breeding stock, 3 eggs set, 3 fertile, 3 hatched. 🙂

We’ve set the first of the crested legbar eggs from the new legbar cockerel we collected last weekend. I hope to bring you news on these next time. Our Cayuga ducks have also started to lay again, including the first eggs from last years hatch. The interesting thing about Cayuga eggs, is that the first few they ever lay are almost black. Once the weather warms and the egg flow is establish ill be testing the fertility before making them available for sale.Finally we’re due a hatch of  Ixworth, Pekin and more hybrids this friday.


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More new life on the farm today, single (very large for pedigree Hebridean) ram lamb.

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Authentic Pedigree Hebridean Hogget (Lamb)

Hogget applies to animals that are a year older than conventional lamb. This extra time allows for unhurried growth through pasture grazing.

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Hoping this short video of the ewes and lambs brings a smile given what's going on.

1 year ago
Photos from Slate House Farm's post

Productive night lambing. Single pedigree Hebridean ram lamb last night, and twin pedigree Hebridean ram lambs at sunrise. All doing well. 6 down 10 to go :)

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