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Gooses Gooses Goat

Hello again, I hope all is well with my readers. Its been another couple of busy weeks here at Slate House Farm. The sheep have settled in very well thankfully, such great characters, very friendly and are always there to greet you 🙂 . They do get a little carried away sometimes though, the other evening I was taking them some Ewe nuts as a treat. The Trough is right across the other side of the field away from the gate, on my stroll over, bucket in hand and sheep in toe, one of them took a liking to my behind and decided to head butt it. I managed to keep my balance (just), but the bucket of feed went everywhere. At least the sheep were happy 🙂 I’m still nursing a small bruise (and damaged pride of course 🙂 )

Meet Missty and Star our British Toggenburg goats who joined us 10 days ago from a local farm near Gosberton Fen. Missty is 6 and mother to Star 4, both are fab characters.


Missty is very used to being milked and very quickly got used to us and a daily routine, she’s giving us about 2.5litres of fresh goats milk and day. Star on the other hand was a little more difficult, you could milk her for about 5 minutes no problem, but them she would get bored and start kicking, which at first meant spilt milk.  Following some sound advice from a Facebook group friend a week or so later she is much better, each day she lets us have a little more time milking her. She’s giving us around 3 litres a day now.

Milking is not as easy as it looks to get started, squeeze and pull they tell you. Once you have the technique its easier, they are slow to get milking at the start, but now they are used our routine, milk is almost flowing before we start to squeeze and pull.  One of the benefits of goats milk, its goats cheese, after a couple of failed attempts I’m there and our first decent batch is ripening in the fridge as I write this blog. Next on the menu if collecting the cream and having a go a butter 🙂

Enough about goats, the poultry are going strong, with most breeds now in full lay I’m comfortable able to fill an incubator tray weekly, whilst selling a few on ebay 🙂 . If you would like some hatching eggs or young chickens please email me . Our latest hatch saw 3 Kahki Campbell ducklings greet us in this world, all 3 are going strong and making a mess (like ducks d0).

Some sad news, one of our two remaining Goslings was found dead late last week, no real explanation as to why 🙁 This has meant the one remaining is a little lonely, however thanks to Joe and Freya, he/she gets a walk around the smallholding, a swim in the pond every day and in the evening gets to snuggle up under a eHen in the barn in the pen adjacent to the goats. Ive some more geese in the incubator due in the next day or so, I hope to merge them together in a few weeks.

Im sure there is plenty more I could bore you with, but ill save some for a rainy day 🙂 . I hope next time to bring you some more news on the live stock front, until then TTFN.



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March 7, 2012at 8:11 am

They are lovely , and their milk yield is good. Two of the smallholder members makes goats cheese for a living and one occasionally runs courses. Shame about the gosling

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