First fatteners arrive at the farm :)

Hello again from windy Lincolnshire. We’re in our 3rd week now and have almost finished the unpacking 🙂 Keira got her first invite to birthday party this Saturday, they’ve all had christmas fares, parties.  To get us all in the christmas spirit we’re off to the Panto this coming sunday evening 🙂

Gloucester Old Spot Weaners

To update you on the smallholding activities, Joe and I picked up 3 Gloucester Old Spot weaners this past weekend from Norfolk. The Boars are home and starting to settle. A little skittish at first, not overly used to human interaction. But with each feed they’re getting used to me and the rattle from the feed bucket.

Our neighbour (a few hundred yards down the road), dropped in a large bag of windfalls from her orchard, so the pigs are enjoying a couple of late morning apples between them :). On top of that one of our local farmers was out on a shoot on friday, on Saturday afternoon we return home to 3 brace of pheasant and a pair of partridge. Its lovely living in the country everyone is so friendly and happy to share.

Sunday was spent dressing Pheasent and Partridge along with a couple of the larger turkeys. The birds weren’t kept whole,just skinned, boned, portioned and frozen. Between the 8 game birds a 2 turkeys there was just under 10kg of meat that went into the freezer. Should keep us going for a bit. Just 3 turkeys left now, a job the week before christmas. We’ve already decided we’re going to have goose again next year, but will raise some turkeys for the freezer anyway.

We’ve inherited a small mole problem in the main paddock. However thanks to my visit to Gillian and Ian at South Yeo Farm East in Devon (@southyeoeast on twitter) I learnt about moles and how to trap them. We invested in some traps from ebay and after several attempts at placing the traps we finally managed to catch one of them. I was surprised how large the mole was, given I’ve only seen them on TV or a book before.  The ickle chap has been put in the freezer and will serve as our snakes next feed.

Most of my Facebook and twitter followers (and those who knew me from kent) know I’m an poultry addict, having all the space here has allowed to be build on my addiction. Today I took delivery of a new incubator, and not just any incubator, a Brinsea Ova-Easy 190 which can incubate 192 chicken eggs at any one time 🙂 . The incubator is all setup and I’m running a test back of 36 eggs from my own stock, main Rhode Island Red x, but they’re some Scotts Dumpy’s, Pekins and Barbu D’Anver in their too. Hatch day will be 4th January 2012 (Happy new year).


Finally, the pups are doing well, they had their first set of jabs todays so will be able to outside soon. Be nice to get rid of all the poop. They’re also booked in to start dog training on the 5th Jan at a local church hall 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying the blog, any feedback is most welcome, use the comments on the blog, tweet me @slatehousefarm to email Until next time, Merry Christmas