Bangers and Hatch.

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Bangers and Hatch.

Things are starting to pickup pace here on the smallholding, everyone is getting their hands mucky, digging veg plots, planting trees, cleaning out chooks, building pens, putting up electric fences and mending burst water pipes. Becoming a smallholder has large but very enjoyable and rewarding learning curve.

Hatchings are going well, we set the 8th batch of eggs this week, a selection of duck, hybrid and pekin eggs. Our first hatch from December 23rd are doing well. Here is picture I took if them today at 4 weeks. They were moved to much larger pen in the barn today (as you can see from the picture)

The hybrid cross’s are also doing well, producing a wide variety of colours. Take a look at these 10 and 3 day old chicks. The one on the right is a pekin cross Scots Dumpy.

Tomorrow we are saying goodbye to the Kune Kune pigs we inherited when we moved in 9 weeks ago. Kune Kunes are not the best for meat, but will make some tasty sausages. I will say, that tonight I am feeling very apprehensive about tomorrow morning :(. As you can see from the picture everyone got involved rounding them up into the trailer we borrowed. Its a great to see the whole family getting involved, Keira and my wife are also there with boards directing the pigs to the trailer. A real team effort.

Turning to the fruit and veg, thanks to my grand parents gift we have been stocking the orchard. What started as 7 trees is now more then twenty with many varietys of Pear, Apple, Plum and Damson. Here are a couple of quick pictures


Here’s a quick update on the Gloucester Old spot weaner’s which are now about 4 months old. There are growing very fast, and very personable pigs, each has their own character and noises, they are great to watch them grow.

We’ve made a start on the seed sowing with some Chillis, Peas, Broadbeans, a early salad leaves in the poly tunnel. We’ve also added a few varieties of strawberries and blackburrants to the the fruit garden. A lot of the fruit we inherited, so it will be interesting to see what developes 🙂

Before I sign off, back to chooks. The main laying flock now have the full run of the small holding, and as you can see from the picture, they are loving it :). Also on the poultry front, we have 7 Embden goose eggs due to hatch in the next 9-10 days, the kids are very excited. We’ve also got the first of our own Chocolate Orpington bantams in the  incubator, and with fertity at 100% (4/4) we’re looking forward to our first 2nd generation chicks from them 🙂

We’ve plenty on over the next few weeks, I save the details for the next blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my waffle. Until next time, take it easy 🙂





January 23, 2012at 6:29 pm

Loving all the updates!

Hope the piggies went off ok this morning?



    January 23, 2012at 6:31 pm

    Thanks Vanessa, all went as well as can be 🙂 have to wait till Friday to sample the results.



January 23, 2012at 6:51 pm

glad all went well with pigs…
never easy but the first time is definitely the hardest.
good luck with all the blog and see you at the Defra pig keepers course…

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