Baa Baa Goats Milk

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Baa Baa Goats Milk

Hello again, firstly let me apologise for the lack of content on my blog, the lengthening days and a visit to London for work have distracted me from writing here. Well there is a lot happening at slate house farm, the Cayuga ducks are in lay, hatchings are going well and we have more additions to the farm 🙂

Here are the new additions, 4 Texel cross lambs :)We’ve two Ewe’s and two wether rams. They are very friendly and clearly been well raised. The came from Rachael at Born and Raised in Lincolnshire 🙂 The children love them, and they follow you around the main paddock 🙂


Hatches are going strong, at the last count we topped 65 following the hatch of some Chocolate Orpington Bantam and Salmon Faverolle chicks. The incubator is also bursting with Bantam, Large Fowl, Duck and Goose eggs. Sadly we lost one of the goslings from the first hatch, the other two are going strong and are taken daily down to the pond by Freya and Joe for a supervised swim. The goslings love the swim and kick up a fuss when they’re taken back to their warm pen in the barn 🙂

With the warming temperatures the poly tunnel is starting to flourish with live too. The Peas, Broad Beans, Chard and Carrots all going strong. Fingers crossed for an early crop soon 🙂

Many of my fellow Lincolnshire Small Holders and Self Sufficency Club (LSSSC) members,  Facebook and Twitter followers will know, I’ve been on the look out for milking goats since late 2011. Thanks to members of the LSSSC I’ve stuck gold and found two registered British Toggenburg  nannies 🙂 Tomorrow (Sunday  25th Feb), they are being brought to their new home here at Slate House Farm. We’re looking forward to a fresh supply of milk and the chance to make to goats milk. In order to milk the goats I’ve been building a milking station today, I’m quite proud of my efforts, hopefully you’ll agree with the picture 🙂

On my next post will bring news of the goats arrival and our use of goats milk. Before i go, i wondered how many of you have tried goats milk?


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