Hebridean Sheep

A Brief History. The Hebridean sheep is believed to have originated from the western isles of Scotland, where locals referred to it as the ‘St. Kilda’ sheep. When […]

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Our OSB Herd

Registered Herd – JMX We keep and breed registered (British Pigs Association) Oxford Sandy & Black pigs. We have one boar (brought in bloodline) and 3 sows (our […]

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Free Range Egg Sales

We sell our fresh free range eggs from the gate, which are available daily through out the year. Free Range Chicken Eggs – £2.00/dozen Duck Eggs – £3.00/Dozen […]

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Welcome to Slate House Farm

Slate House Farm Logo final 72dpi 5x5 no borderWelcome to Slate House Farm

Here at Slate House Farm in Lincolnshire we have a range of Livestock & poultry from the Oxford Sandy and Black pig to the Hebridean sheep to the rare Owlbeard chicken.

We sell our produce from our gate – Beef, Pork, Lamb, Eggs (inc. hatching eggs), Live chickens, Ducks, Geese, Plants and Wool.

Lamb is generally available fresh in October, with limited frozen throughout the year.  Pork is available twice a year Early Spring and Late Autumn, Beef annually, Eggs ere available all year round (exception of Goose (Feb-May only)).

Meat can be brought by the whole, half or quarter carcass, or by the joints. Our Bacon and Gammon is dry cured and sausage available in many flavours – Farmhouse, Traditional Lincolnshire, Pork & Apple, Pork and Leek, Pork and Red Onion, Minted Lamb and many more.

If you’re happy to dispatch and dress your own birds, we have free range Hubbard chicks and Aylesbury ducks available throughout the year and turkeys available at Christmas

For more info and our prices, please click here

Goose Eggs now available