Hello from Slate House Farm

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Hello from Slate House Farm

Hello all, im getting really slack with the blog, there has been a lot going on here, from new arrivals, to break ins to injuries. I will start and end on positive notes 🙂 Egg sales are going great, shifting 100+ eating eggs a week along with a selection of hatching eggs. The word is spreading and we have a lot of interest in our poultry, 6 will be off to Stamford College next week 🙂

The first piece of bad news… We had our barn broken into recently and we lost all our petrol and power equipment along with my fishing gear. We took the invasion hard at first, but are moving forward and slowly replacing equipment.

We have also had a go at making our own hay, and by hand ill add. The 5 of us spent 4 days cutting, turning and barrowing the equivellent of 25 bales into the barn. With no baling equipment, the hay is stacked and flattened using pallets. Its unlikely it will see us through the winter, but will certainly save us around £120.

The poultry is doing well, hatching is slowing right down, mainly focusing on Ixworth and Light Sussex for meat birds. The arks have been treated for the winter and the new breeding pens established from this years growers. From spring 2013 we will have Sicilian Buttercup, Old English Game, Ixworth, Salmon Faverolle and La Fleche hatching eggs and growers available. For a full list of breeds and prices please visit my website .

Christmas dinner is also growing in the form of Norfolk Black and Cambridge Bronze turkeys, along with numerous veg in and around the poly tunnel. I must admit I have had issues hatching the turkeys (and waterfowl) this year, fertility has been great, but hatch rate a little lower than id like. So im tweaking my approach in 2013.

At this moment in time im having to rest up as ive having to rely on crutches to get around. I fell awkwardly at the weekend fending a rather persistent cockerel from attacking my daughter. My wife and kids are doing a great job keeping the ship afloat, but its frustrating not being able to do what i want 🙁

The poly tunnel has done us very proud thus far, with endless Cucumbers, Salad leaves, Tomatoes, Peppers, green beans, onions, peaches and herbs. We have already frozen 5kg of french beans, 2kg of runner beans and still loads coming. We should do well with storing veg for most of the winter 🙂

There are no pics this time as im using my ipad to write this post and cant figure out how the wordpress app lets you do it, and the HTML code to do so is to much hassel sorry. But you can see a selection of pics on our Flickr Site

On the live stock front, we have some Oxford Sandy and Black pigs reserved for November, having tried Gloucester Old Spot and having Large Blacks which will be ready soon (If you would like to order some pork, 5kg selection boxes start from £39, please drop me an email enquiries@slatehousefarm.co.uk :)) this is the last breed i want to try before investing into breeding stock.

We also have a couple of in lamb ewes reserved from a local breeder for October so we can get hands on this year. Starr our British Toggenburg got ill also go to a billy this Autumn, we just need to find a local stud.

There are a few more projects in the pipeline, so watch this space, until next time, goodbye.



roger keeler

September 2, 2012at 7:53 pm

hey! really enjoy your blog, yea life is busy is’nt it , but at least youre doing what i would like to do, but with my job i can’t work from home,and land/houses where i live are expensive,(canterbury ,kent) i think i speak for the majority that we like your blog however “normal” your life may seem to be at times,same as anyone else really, also if you put your bad experiences out there asap i’m sure people would try to assist you if they could ? just an idea,,,,


September 10, 2012at 1:02 pm

Hi there I agree with Roger all you need to do is ask for help my husband and i would love to do what your doing but can not find anywere but if you need help just ask and if there a barn that can have a bed in it and our 3 dogs we would love to help you on your journey
we email to vist you and hope your better soon
i have pulled my back at present and know your frustration when i want to get to my raised beds in veg patch

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Productive night lambing. Single pedigree Hebridean ram lamb last night, and twin pedigree Hebridean ram lambs at sunrise. All doing well. 6 down 10 to go :)

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