Two weeks in and its going great :)

Two weeks in and its going great :)

Well its been 2 weeks since we moved in to our smallholding and things are going very well. Kids have settled well in their new schools, and country life is great. People are so friendly in the part of the country, willing to help, nothings too much hassle. Even the oil delivery man took the time to chat to me about the local area etc.

It took 5litres of Poultry Shield, 8kg of Stalosan F, 2 Brooms, a jet wash and several days labour to get the 8 poultry houses into shape. We were lucky to have this here ready when we moved in, each is well built and has a concrete base which is easy to keep clean and makes movements of different poultry easy.  The chickens, Turkeys and ducks areall very happy in their new surroundings and I’m getting plenty of eggs too which shows they are happy. The local feed supplies are great, free delivery and plenty of wheat to keep the chooks happy during the cold nights.

The previous owner had 3 pedigree registered “Kune Kune” pigs which they were unable to rehome ahead of the move so they asked if they could leave them for us. So we were earlier than expected pig farmers, although this breed is not ideal for meat (but go well for sausages ).

It will soon be time to deal with the turkeys, they are such smart animals, if they weren’t  a meat line I would keep a couple on, but it would be cruel to keep them.

We also have a couple of additions to the O’Shea house in the form of two eight week old Collie puppies. The came from Matlock in Derbyshire and are just so cute and happy. Ive never know dogs to adapt so quickly, they were clearly looked after and cuddled all day long 🙂

The incubator is also up and running and has 18 light sussex eggs doing well (24 to start with), they are due to hatch on December 23rd. Hens will be raised to be sold POL, cockerels will be reared for the table.

Finally, this Saturday we are off to Wisbech to collect 3 x 9week old Gloucester Old Spot weaners which will be our first pigs to be raised specifically for meat.

Its all very exciting here and we’re settling well into the country life, we’re planning  for the poly tunnels, goose hatches , goats and sheep all in 2012. Additonally I will be selling Barbu D’Anver (Black), Chocolate Orpington, Lavender Pekin, Scott Dumpy and hybrid hatching eggs from february 2012. Keeep an eye on

Until next time have a very merry christmas and prosperous new year 🙂


January 3, 2012at 9:16 am

You are so lucky achieving your dream so quickly , we joined the smallholders club 3 yrs ago and have just found our dream place after years of searching. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to meeting you at the fishing trip 🙂

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