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We keep and breed registered (British Pigs Association) Oxford Sandy & Black pigs. We have one boar (brought in bloodline) and 3 sows (our own bloodline). We have 4-5 litter a year and sell weaners for meat, pedigree breeding stock and potential show stock (although we do not exhibit ourselves). All our litter are birth notified to enable point of origin and traceability. We also stud our Boar, for more details click here.


Pedigree Litter

Pedigree Litter


Our Boar -Moondown Alistair

Our Boar -Moondown Alistair

Wallowing Sow

Wallowing Sow

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8 hours ago
Photos from Slate House Farm's post

New poly tunnel finished :) moved staging and heated cloche from old greenhouse. Pleased with the weekends work.

5 days ago

Just 9 days now until lambing 2018 starts. Its all in the preparation :) This little one was last years first born.

1 week ago

We were inspected by the Boston Borough Council food standards department on the 1st Feb, I got the results in the post today, very pleased.

3 weeks ago

One of our Oxford Sandy and Black Pork 5kg selection boxes. Typical contents, 2 roasting joints (1.3kg approx each) 2 belly strips, 2 loin steaks, 2 shoulder steaks, 2 loin chops and some meaty ribs. ... See more

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